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Bottle adapters, electrodes, probes, sampling devices, refrigerated water recirculator & our equipment preventative maintenance contract.

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Bottle adapters

Feed bottle top assemblies with filter, 2 and 3-way inlets, - all to fit GL45 cap.


pH, dO, redox, dissolved CO2 optical density probes, Pt100 temperature probes. This includes the intelligent sensor technologies from Hamilton, Broadley-James and Mettler Toledo.

Sampling device

Bottle, tubing, syringe, filter - everything you need to take a sample. Compatible with the majority of autoclavable bioreactor systems. Available in three models; for universal bottles, falcon tubes & bijou sample bottles.

Recirculating chiller

To replace your standard water supply when operating at below ambient temperatures.

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In addition, with the combination of Electrolab’s expertise and existing equipment range, it is possible to get more from your budget by upgrading your existing fermenters.

Using the FerMac 360 controller or our FerMac 200 series modules, old fermenter systems can be upgraded to give an immediate improvement in the quality and sophistication of control at the same time as making them easier to use.

FerMac 320 Controller

Existing vessel upgrades

We can also service and upgrade existing vessels to give you a virtually new fermenter at a fraction of the cost to buy new.

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