Bioreactors and fermenters

Bioreactor Fermenter

At Electrolab you'll find the right partner for fermentation equipment you can trust with your new project – be it a single bioreactor, or a large multiple fermentation installation.

Our dedication to you doesn't end with the supply of your equipment. As one of the leading bioreactor manufacturers, we’ll continue to support you and provide the best possible service during the life of each fermenter. In addition to our extensive UK customer base, we export to Europe and the Americas as well as to over 40 other countries worldwide. With a combination of our network of distributor/agents and our technical back-up, we are able to offer the same high level of service and support as we do for our UK customers.

  • FerMac Air Lift Vessel

    Airlift fermenters

    The FerMac Air Lift vessel is specifically designed for work with cell lines which are fragile so that any type of mechanical impellor may shear them.

  • Software & analysis

    Software & analysis

    Electrolab has designed our Fermentation Management software to be one of the most intuitive packages available.

  • Accessories & upgrades

    Accessories & upgrades

    Bottle Adapters, Electrodes, Probes, Sampling Devices, Refrigerated Water Recirculator & our equipment Preventative Maintenance contract.