Online Bioreactor Sampling System

The TRACE C2 Sampling is a fully-automated online bioreactor sampling system, enabling the collection of cell-containing or cell-free samples at predetermined times from up to 4 separate bioreactors.


Compact. Easy to use. Cost effective.

It prevents the need for manual sampling at night or during the weekends and can be easily connected to analysis equipment (such as an HPLC, cytometer or fraction collector), enabling precise sampling over extended periods.

The unit is connected to the bioreactor using sterile single use tubing sets, or for cell-free sampling it is used in conjunction with TRACE Analytics’ well-proven filtration and dialysis probes. The TRACE C2 is compact, cost-efficient and easy to use. It is controlled via PC-software (included in the package) and can be integrated into most SCADA systems.

Key features and technical data

  • Automated sampling of up to 4 reactors
  • Cell-containing sampling
  • Cell-free sampling (filtration and dialysis)
  • For single-use and conventional bioreactors
  • Fast and precise sampling Technical data
  • Control by PC software (supplied)
  • External power supply 100..120 / 220..240 V~; 50/60 Hz
  • Interfaces (Ethernet, Modbus, OPC, Serial RS 232, I/O, USB)
  • Dimensions (in mm) 120 x 170 x 200 (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 1.8 kg
  • Ambient conditions: Temperature (15-35°C), Humidity (10-90%)

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