Off-line glucose/lactate analyser for laboratory use

The LaboTRACE compact is an automatic off-line analyser for the simultaneous determination of glucose and lactate in cell cultivations and fermentations.

LaboTRACE Compact

Biosensor technology.

It can also be used to measure just glucose or just lactate if desired. The well proved biosensor technology guarantees fast and accurate results in less than a minute. Calibration measurements and cleaning cycles are automatic, and the unit can handle up to 6 samples simultaneously.

The on-board memory stores the last 100 results and an optional printer unit is available.

Key features and technical data

  • Parallel determination of glucose and lactate
  • Analysis system for up to 6 samples
  • Low investment and running costs
  • Small sample volume (10 µL diluted to 0.5 mL)
  • Innovative biosensors
  • Fast and accurate measurements
  • Detection time 45 seconds
  • Measuring range glucose 0.11 - 9.1 g/L
  • Measuring range lactate 0.045 - 2.70 g/L

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