FerMac Bioreactor Vessels

Our FerMac vessels are available in various sizes, including options for both cell culture and microbial culture systems.

FerMac Bioreactor Vessels (front view)

Various sizes available

FerMac autoclavable bioreactors are available in 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 and 15 litre working volumes (18L for cell culture) and feature our easy coupling drive shaft design - enabling replacement in seconds and minimising down-time. Single-use rigid bioreactors are available in volumes up to 15L, and can utilise the Hamilton intelligent optical sensor systems. 

FerMac Bioreactor Vessels (top view)
Vessel Full Close up

High quality top plates.

The high-quality stainless-steel top plates are mirror polished on the top and side; the undersides (and all other product-contact components) are electropolished to facilitate cleaning and minimise any traps for contaminants.

Vessel Top Plates

Our standard headplates utilise three port sizes; one being specifically for the driveshaft, and the other two accept all standard electrodes and other fittings (sample pipes, inoculation septum ports, 3-way inlets etc).

Unlike some competitor vessels, the special port design does not have threads running through the full thickness of the top plate – this means that there are no crevices to catch contaminants and make effective cleaning difficult.

Each port has O-ring sealing to maintain sterility – changing these O-rings is easy only takes seconds.

FerMac Bioreactor Vessels

All the FerMac bioreactors come with the following features:

  • Borosilicate glass vessel, in a metal tripod support frame
  • Stainless-steel top-plate, secured by mill nuts
  • Lipseal driveshaft (magnetically-coupled driveshaft available as an option)
  • Flat-blade turbine impellers (microbial vessel)
  • Marine Vortex impeller (cell vessel) – scoping and variable-pitch impellers optional
  • Gas inlet sparger (different designs available)
  • Gas outlet condenser
  • Sample pipe
  • Sample device for use with universal bottles – other bottle formats available (eg Corning/Falcon 50ml/15ml, Bijou, GL45)
  • Thermowell (for temperature sensor)
  • Combined baffle and cooling coil (microbial vessel only)
  • Optional cooling coil (applicable to cell vessel)
  • Septum inoculation port
  • 3-way reagent inlet
  • Blindstoppers for spare ports
  • pH and dO sensor holders
  • Foam/Level sensors (optional)
  • Spare seals kit

Designed for microbial culture

This version of the vessel is specifically designed for microbial culture and features a flat bottom.

Vessel Microbial Bottom

Designed for cell culture

This version of the vessel is specifically designed for cell culture.

Vessel Cell Bottom

Bioreactors for specialist applications

As well as our standard bioreactors, we offer alternative materials for specialist applications. The need for this may include where exposing the process to steel can be detrimental to the organisms, or the conditions in which they are grown (such as high temperature and high salinity) may degrade any steel parts.

Our bioreactor components can be made from specialist alloys, glass or PEEK as required. We can also manufacture such bioreactors and components for use with other manufacturer’s control systems; details on request.


Vessel Special close up

Single-use bioreactors have rapidly increased in popularity over recent years. The advantages offered to the manufacturing environment are well known.

Electrolab has an established relationship with the disposables manufacturer CerCell, but we recognise you may already have a preferred supplier.

We have motor adapters available enabling the majority of rigid single-use bioreactors to be used with our control systems; giving you the ultimate flexibility of using autoclavable bioreactors when developing processes or for routine production, then switching to compatible single-use bioreactors when the need arises.

Adaptor For Bactovessel

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