FerMac 320

Flexibility and reliability in a single package

The workhorse of the Electrolab range, a truly outstanding value-for-money package with proven reliability.

FerMac 320

Flexible yet cost effective.

The FerMac 320 is our medium-priced bioreactor system.
Where the vessel volume is smaller, or the process is not particularly viscous, this system offers all the flexibility of our 310/60 system but with a noticeable cost-saving.

FerMac 310/60, 320 and 200 Close up

Proven reliability

The 320 series combines a specially designed range of vessels including single use, with a variation of our established 360 controller to give a truly outstanding value-for-money package with proven reliability.

FerMac 310/60, 320 and 200

The control system and motor design are also ideal for the re-instrumentation of other makes of bioreactor.

Key features

  • Available in both microbial and cell culture versions
  • For use with autoclavable or single-use bioreactors
  • Variety of vessel materials available
  • Easy to adapt for changes to your process or application
  • Powerful, intuitive measurement & control system
  • Wide range of fully autoclavable vessels with unique, easily replaceable drive shaft system
  • Robust, stainless steel framework designed for easy cleaning and improved vessel handling
  • Controller pre-configured for system expansion
  • 4 pumps fitted as standard (additional 2 pump module available)
  • Compatible with Hamilton VisiFerm optical sensors
  • Compatible with our FerMac 368 Off-gas analyser, and other on-line sensor technologies.
  • Can be daisy-chained for multiple bioreactor installation
  • Supplied with our SCADA software as standard.

FerMac 320 Agitation

Agitation is provided by the direct drive motor, which is attached to the vessel by a bayonet fitting.

It can easily be fitted to or removed from the vessel using just one hand and is designed to self-tighten as speed is increased.

This gives positive, vibration-free drive at all speeds. To achieve the ideal mixing arrangement our impellers can be easily adjusted or changed, giving maximum flexibility.

FerMac 320 Stirrer

FerMac 320 Controller

The FerMac 320 Controller is technically the same as the 360 version, but with the addition of an internal motor driver. This ensures familiarity of use between both our FerMac 310/60 and 320 bioreactor systems. It uses a clear fluorescent display and shows all the key parameters on one screen at the same time. A single keystroke takes you into specific calibration screens for each parameter, keeping the display uncluttered and intuitive.

FerMac 320 Controller

Ready for expansion

When you decide to expand, the 320 is pre-configured for additional FerMac modules (such as the FerMac 368 gas analyser or the FerMac 366 pump module) and has spare parameter channels to allow for other upgrades.

Controller close up

Sensor technologies

Redox, optical density or viable cell biomass, pCO2, light intensity - almost any (autoclavable) measurable probe can be added.

Vessel close up

Fermentation software

Connection to our Fermentation Manager SCADA software enables you to have everything from simple data logging right through to complex supervisory control strategies.

More on our software

FerMac 320 Bioreactors

FerMac autoclavable bioreactors for the 320 are available in 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 and 15 litre working volumes (18L for cell culture) and feature our easy coupling drive shaft design - enabling replacement in seconds and minimising down-time. Single-use rigid bioreactors are available in volumes up to 15L.

Vessels close up

FerMac 320 Microbial Culture

This version of the FerMac 320 has a vessel specifically designed for microbial culture and features a flat bottom.

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FerMac 320 Microbial

FerMac 320 Cell Culture

This version of the FerMac 320 has a vessel specifically designed for cell culture.

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FerMac 320 Cell Round close up

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