Low Flow Rate Pumps

Variable speed peristaltic pumps for the toughest low flow rate applications.

Low Flow Rate Pumps

Key features

  • Designed to run reliably at low flow rates
  • Available in single or multi channel versions
  • Economically priced and designed to stack

Single and multi-channel

The low flow rates required in bio-processing and similar research mean that peristaltic pumps (also called low flow rate pumps) face special demands in these environments. As leaders in fermenter hardware, it was logical for Electrolab to develop a range of single and multi-channel pumps to complement its fermenter and cell culture equipment.

Single and multi-channel

Reliable pumping at low flow rates

Each Electrolab peristaltic pump range is specially designed for applications requiring smooth flow of media at low flow rates.

Low Flow Rate Pump - Right side

Flow rate guide

Single Channel Pump fitted with peristaltic pump head:
Flow range 0.03 to 950 mls/hr

Single Channel Pump fitted with 8 roller pump head:
Flow range 0.03 to 250 mls/hr

Multi Channel Pump:
Flow range 0.02 to 72 mls/hr

*The flow is dependent on the type of pump head fitted and the tube size used.

Attention to detail based on years of lab experience

These are precision laboratory instruments designed to run reliably at low speeds and deliver good reproducibility over long periods.

Low Flow Rate Pump - Left side

Uncompromising engineering and attention to detail underpins features and benefits including the following:

  • Designed specifically for long-term reliability at low flow rates
  • Rear connections for easy mains linking
  • Perfectly matched to other Electrolab hardware for seamless integration
  • Single or multi channel versions for enhanced versatility
  • Modular design ensures that pumps stack easily and securely
  • Affordably priced without sacrificing quality or performance.

A range of single and multi-channel options

Discerning customers around the world appreciate the experience behind every Electrolab pump. These are available as single channel pumps with a two-roller peristaltic pump head, which can be used for all media types including suspended solids.

For the most demanding applications, an eight-roller pump gives even smoother flow and is available in one, two, four, six or twelve channel versions.

Electrolab pump - Single and multi-channel options

Modular pump design

Electrolab pumps are modular in design – mounting pillars can be fitted to enable another pump to be stacked neatly and firmly on top. There are connections at the rear for mains linking.

Whatever option you specify, you can be sure that Electrolab pumps will perfectly match our range of fermenters and other laboratory equipment.

Low Flow Rate Pumps

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