Cell Growth Monitoring System

Easy to use and cost effective live cell activity monitoring system - FerMac 368 Gas Analyser

The FerMac 368 Gas Analyser will give you a better indication of actual cell growth (live cell activity) than an optical density probe; it is easier to set up than a biomass monitoring probe and has a much lower cost than a mass spectrometer. It can be used with microbial fermentation and most cell culture work.

FerMac 368 front

Key Features for the Gas Analyser

  • Economical method of monitoring growth conditions
  • Can be used with any size or make of bioreactor
  • Integrated flow meter & pump for constant gas flow
  • High stability CO2 measurement using our proven infrared system
  • Measurement of oxygen cell includes temperature compensation
  • Designed specifically for fermentation use
  • The electrochemical sensor is unaffected by other gases
FerMac 368 (angle facing the right)

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