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Non-invasive optical density monitoring systems from Buglab LLC

Electrolab Biotech distribute in the UK the range of non-invasive optical density monitoring systems from Buglab LLC.

Widest range of OD measurement

Suitable for most cell and microbial cultures, the BugLab system offers the widest range of OD measurement of any single device (<0.1 to >300 OD).

As the systems do not use an immersed sensors, the BugLab does not take up any valuable sensor ports. Instead, the sensor device attaches to the outside of the glass (or plastic) vessel. This especially relevant to small bioreactors, where space on the headplate can be at a premium.

As the sensor is situated outside the vessel, the sensor itself is not subjected to the rigors of sterilisation cycles. Consequently, it lasts significantly longer than most traditional immersed sensors technologies.

BugLab offer 2 main devices – a handheld scanner for use with shake-flasks, and separate systems for traditional bioreactors and vessels.

OD Scanner for Shake Flasks

  • The world’s first and only handheld biomass monitor
  • Measures biomass from shake flasks in seconds
  • No costly consumables
  • Completely non-invasive – measures through vessel wall

BugLab’s OD Scanner eliminates the need to open shake flasks to measure biomass. Simply point the sensor into a shake flask, and within 6 seconds, your biomass is complete. No more dilutions or wasted samples!

Reporting biomass

The instrument directly reports biomass from 0.05 to 10 g/L. High accuracy (<15% error) has been demonstrated across a wide range of vessel sizes (250 to 2000 mL) and materials (glass, PC, PET). Proper alignment is ensured during each measurement by a pair of position sensors. Only 3 cm of fluid needs to be present in front of the scanner during measurement. Redundant optical sensors are used to make sure sufficient fluid is present.

Measurements are automatically initiated when the position sensors are engaged against a shake flask. Correct placement is confirmed with audio and visual indicators. Subtraction of media absorption is accomplished by the press of a button. The batteries are charged automatically through the USB connector.

Up to 999 measurements can be stored and downloaded via USB to your PC. Data are tracked by date, time, and measurement number. Custom calibrations (beyond that included with the instrument for dry cell weight of S. cerevisiae) are easily uploaded to the instrument.


BE2100 Non-invasive Biomass Monitor

  • Widest linear range – from <0.1 to >300 OD units – of any biomass monitor
  • Automated, continuous, real-time, online OD measurements
  • Measures through fermenter wall or viewing port
  • No immersion port required – avoids fouling and contamination
  • Lowest total cost of ownership of any biomass monitor currently available
  • Available in multiplexed version (BE2400)

Industry-leading, non-invasive biomass monitoring system

The BE2100 is an industry-leading, non-invasive biomass monitoring system designed for use in both research laboratory and industrial environments. The sensor head is easily secured to the outside of a variety of different fermenter types, from small glass vessels to large stainless steel vessels with glass viewing ports. Since no immersion port is required, the need for sensor sterilization is also eliminated.

The multiplexed version is the BE2400, which can accept up to 4 sensors.

A lower cost USB version is also available. This does not use a base unit with integrated display, but instead communicates directly with the BugLab software, installed on a PC.

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