Data acquisition - eLogger

Solve your data collection problems with eLogger

The easy-to-use and versatile eLogger data acquisition system includes both analogue to digital hardware and PC software. It can be used with the FerMac 200 bioreactor modular system and/or the FerMac 368 gas analyser. It can also be used to log any bioreactor or device with a suitable analogue output.

Data acquisition - eLogger diagram

The eLogger is equipped with 8 input channels enabling multiple devices to be logged.

Data acquisition - eLogger 2nd diagram

Data Analysis Software

FerMac 200

Data logging software

Electrolab’s eLogger is primarily intended for use with the Electrolab FerMac 200 modular bioreactor system. It is supplied with all necessary cables and requires minimal training - set up and use is intuitive.

eLogger can be used with most other ancillary equipment that incorporates a suitable analogue output
(0-5 volt / 0-10 volt or 0-20mA / 4-20mA)

eLogger software for bioreactors:

  • User free & hands free data logging
  • Simultaneous monitoring of 8 input channels
  • Limitless storage capacity with high data resolution over time
  • Windows XP, NT, 7 compatible
  • Event and Alarm monitoring
  • Graphical trend chart analysis

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