Photobioreactor Light Shroud

Photobioreactors are one of the key tools used in algal biofuel research. Being a controlled environment, they are suited to laboratory scale research, especially as the conditions (including light intensity) can be closely controlled. This may be to mimic conditions in the natural environment or to investigate optimum growth.

Photobioreactor Light Shroud
FerMac 320 Controller

FerMac 320 Controller

Light reflecting shroud which fits around the vessel stand, complete with 6 x Edison Screw holders for compact fluorescent bulbs with terminal box, switch and cables to allow illumination to be turned on and off by the FerMac 320 controller.

Stirred-tank or airlift designs

Electrolab offers benchtop photobioreactor systems in a range of sizes: 2, 5 & 10 litre for 320 series systems.

Each size includes:

Traditional stirred-tank or airlift designs and can be found in research centres such as Sheffield University in the UK, who are one of 11 UK institutions working with the Carbon Trust.

Modified vessel stand that allows the heater to fit the base of the vessel.

Stirred-tank or airlift designs
Photobioreactor Light Shroud Closeup

Benchtop Photobioreactors enable research into algae biofuel

Benchtop Photobioreactors from Electrolab enable research into algae biofuel and other photosynthetic organisms

In recent times, algae have been seen as a potential source of alternative fuels. With the earth's natural resources in finite supply, investment from governments, petrochemical companies (such as Shell and Exxon) and private companies, into algal-derived biofuels has increased year on year.

First generation biofuels, normally utilising some form of vegetation, have been popular in the Americas (especially Brazil) for many years. However, due to specific climatic requirements and the need for large areas to cultivate these crops, it is not a suitable means of fuel generation throughout the world. Also they don't necessarily have the same energy content as other modern biofuels.

Oil-producing algae is one area in particular that second generation biofuels are being researched. However, not all strains of algae are efficient or suitable for biofuel production and so research is targeted at developing the best strain possible.

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