FerMac Airlift Vessel

Key Features for the FerMac Airlift Vessel

  • Low energy input, high yield alternative to stirred tank system
  • Sturdy, stainless steel base with Ingold DN25 ports
  • Air sparge designed to prevent syphon-back
  • Low shear action providing good oxygen transfer
  • Available in 5, 7 or 10 litre working volumes

Designed to work with fragile cell lines

The FerMac Airlift Vessel is specifically designed for work with cell lines which are fragile and susceptible to shear stress from traditional stirred bioreactors. Using forced air to circulate the cells and growth media, the FerMac Airlift Vessel provides a serious alternative to an impellor driven bioreactor system.

Featuring a stainless steel rounded bottom with three ports to allow short electrodes to be used (further reducing the chance of shearing) and a vertical baffle for gentle mixing, the vessel also has numerous head plate ports for a variety of fittings.

Why an airlift bioreactor helps you avoid damaging cell shear

Some cell lines are so fragile in culture that any type of mechanical impeller will cause shear stress. That’s why the Electrolab FerMac Airlift Fermenter (also called an air tower fermenter, or air bioreactor) uses sparged air to gently circulate cells and growth media without damaging them.

FerMac Airlift Vessel
FerMac Airlift Vessel Closeup

Proven aerobic fermentation technology

As you expect from a leader in its field, this system draws on Electrolab’s proven experience supplying leading laboratories around the world. It’s the little details that make all the difference: such as the way our bioreactor vessel’s rounded stainless steel base allows the use of short electrodes that further reduce the possibility of damaging cell shear.

Packed with benefits

Electrolab’s solution has been designed specifically for culturing mammalian cells as well as microbial organisms. In addition to featuring one standard vertical baffle for gentle mixing, and numerous head plate ports for various fittings and sampling devices, the FerMac Airlift Fermenter is packed with many other thoughtful design features to give you the valuable benefits of a low energy input, high-yield alternative to a stirred tank bioreactor:

  • Air sparge extends beyond top plate to prevent syphon-back
  • Low shear action ensures good oxygen transfer
  • Stainless steel top plate accepts a wide range of standard accessories
  • Quick-release clamp enables vessel to be stripped easily for cleaning
  • Four 25mm basal ports allow short electrodes to be used
  • Compact footprint minimises laboratory space requirements.
FerMac Airlift Vessel cell lines
FerMac Airlift Vessel background closeup

Wherever avoidance of cell shear is essential for your research, it makes sense to consider the Electrolab FerMac Airlift Fermenter range.

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